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Choosing an Erie, PA Chiropractor for Your Back Pain

 CHOOSING AN ERIE, PA CHIROPRACTOR FOR YOUR BACK PAIN When choosing an Erie, Pa Chiropractor for your back pain, look at credentials and experience. Since chiropractic is an art and a skill as well as a science, choose a chiropractor with as much experience as possible. Dr. […]

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Sciatic Nerve Damage

Sciatic Nerve Damage Sciatic nerve damage is devastating to someone with no previous back issues.   Back Pain Solutions Back pain solutions can be as simple as a visit to your favorite Chiroprator.     Call Dr Coursen or Dr Bannister today to set up an appointment […]

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Back Pain

Back Pain Whether or not you have a history of back pain, please note the following chiropractic advice. (Based upon observation and analysis of thousands of cases over the last 35 years). Many Erie residents have a bulged, protruded, or herniated disc which can cause severe low […]

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